About Us

Welcome to Writing and Editing Tips and Tricks.com!

We produce brief, fun, and easy-to-understand videos that coach you on how to organize your ideas, get writing, keep the words moving, and finish the job properly.

More productivity.  Less stress.

Our focus is on process, presentation, and motivation (as grammar and punctuation are already expertly handled online), explaining not just “what to do” but “how to do it.”

The first episodes explain and demonstrate how creating a story skeleton can help you overcome blocks by creating a project roadmap; how speaking aloud can be an essential writing or editing tool; and writing practices that produce assured, successful results.

Upcoming episodes will explore topics such as how to capture and translate a more authentic voice for yourself, strategies for effective naming conventions, visual considerations and their impact on your work, how audience expectations can act as an editing guide, and more.

Whether you are writing or editing newsletters or PowerPoint presentations, blogs or business reports, fiction or essays, Writing and Editing Tips and Tricks.com’s videos can help you achieve your communication goals.

Keep the Words Moving.